Registration & Screening Requirements

All volunteers must be registered members. Product Sale Managers who handle troop money and product must also be screened.

Required Courses

Take the Volunteering With Girl Scouts course before your product sales training if you haven't already done so.

Troop Cookie Sale Manager

Learn everything you need to know to manage the Cookie Sale for your troop.

This course will be available in January; please check back.




Fall Product Sale Manager

Learn everything you need to know to manage the Fall Sale for your troop.

This course will be available in September. Please check back.



This course is required if you want to use a credit card machine to process orders during the sale.

Troop Product Sale Manager

Thank You for Volunteering to be a Troop Product Sale Manager!



What Does A Troop Product Sale Manager Do?

Works with the girls and parents in the troop on all aspects of the sale including, teaching  the troop about the financial literacy program connected with the sale, the product that will be sold, sale dates, money collection, girl rewards, and booth sales. Picks up and distributes product, collects money earned, and works with the troop treasurer to deposit money in the troop bank account.

Who Can Be A Troop Product Sale Manager?

Any registered and screened adult 18 or older, female or male,  who has completed the following courses: Volunteering For Girl Scouts and either Fall Sale Manager training or Cookie Sale Manager training.

How Do I Become A Troop Product Sale Manager?

If you haven't already done so, complete volunteer screening and become a registered member, then complete the required courses (course link to the right). If you would like to find out how to volunteer for this role, please call 1-800-447-4475 ext. 3091 or complete the online interest form.

Resources for Troop Product Sale Managers:

General Product Sales Documents

Product Sales Banking 

ACH PROCESS (Automated Clearing House)

Starting with the fall 2013 season, the council is implementing a new process to collect funds. It refers to the collection of council proceeds by an ACH (Automated Clearing House); it works by allowing a third party (GSNorCal) to either debit or credit troop accounts. The council will schedule two to three debits throughout each sale. Dates and percentages will be clearly outlined in the troop manual for each sale.

Benefits of ACH

  • All deposits are made to the troop account.
  • No bank kits required.
  • No overpayment to council.
  • Same banking protection.
  • Complete a simple online form. Click here.
  • Banking made easy!

For specific dates and details for each sale, please consult your troop manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACH?
ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and refers to an electronic banking network often used for direct deposit and electronic bill payment.

How does ACH work?
ACH works by allowing a third party (GSNorCal) to either debit or credit troop accounts. An Online ACH Debit/Credit Authorization Form needs to be filled out and submitted one time by troops on or before the deadline provided by the council. By submitting this form, the troop authorizes these transactions. This online form requests information such as the troop’s account, and routing number. The council will calculate the amounts of the debits on predetermined dates, and will communicate information about them to all the troops participating in the sales. Then troops will have to simply deposit the council proceeds collected from our Product Sales into their troop’s account before the deadline, and the council will proceed to collect the funds. If you have ever participated in direct deposit of a pay check or had a gym debit the membership fee from your bank account, you would have participated in ACH.    

Is ACH mandatory for my troop?
Yes, participation in ACH is required for troops participating in each Product Sale. 

Will the troop need to fill out the Online ACH Authorization Form every year?
Yes. The online ACH Authorization form needs to be filled out every year. 

Is my troop required to have a bank account to participate in ACH?
Yes, it is a requirement. 

Does my troop bank account have to be with Wells Fargo Bank?
No, any FDIC approved bank can be used.  

Can the troop’s account be a savings account?
Yes, it can be a savings account.  

Can a troop predetermine the amount pulled from their accounts?
No. The Council will determine the percentage and deadlines for each debit. For specific percentages, please refer to the ACH Procedures listed in your troop’s manual.  

If the money is not in the troop’s bank accounts when the debit is made, what happens?
Information about the debits will be sent to the participating troops in advance. Troops will have time to confirm and discuss their status prior the debit. However, if the troop’s bank balance is non-sufficient to cover the agreed debit, the troop may incur NSF charges. These fees differ with each bank. Please contact your bank if you have any questions.  

What should I do if I know that the money will not be in the bank on the date of the debit?
We understand that emergencies happen. If you find that this is the case, please fill out an ACH Discrepancy form, and submit it to your local Product Sales department on or before the deadline. Please make sure you include the available amount to be debited and the reason why the account does not have sufficient funds to cover the original debit amount.  

Will the Council continue to debit an account if funds are not available at the first attempt?
Yes, more attempts will be made. Please refer to the ACH Procedures from your troop’s manual for more information about the extra attempts to collect unsuccessful debits.