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Read how Girl Scouts’ lives were positively impacted by their travel experiences! Learn a few travel tips from your sister Girl Scout travelers.

Travel Stories



"We saw so much in our 5 days in Yellowstone and probably the best camping trip we have done. These 14-year-olds have done a lot of camping since first grade, and it was as if all that learning and practicing came together in this trip.  It was a trip none of these girls will ever forget!" - Kelly



Travel Tips

  • “There are no moms/parents on a Girl Scout travel event. Let someone else handle your daughter and do not allow her to call you Mom. On a GS trip, you are every girl's Mom and your co-leader is your daughter's Mom.  It is difficult at first but one of the most rewards gifts you both can receive from GS.”

  • “Even planned itineraries need to be changed sometimes - Be FLEXIBLE.”
  • “Just because an adult wants to go on the trip doesn’t mean they should. There should be a reason for them being there. They need to know this isn’t a vacation for them or a time to bond with their daughter. They have responsibilities to the group.  Make sure everyone has a reason or being there. For example, the troop needs “Lifeguards” “First Aider” “someone who Speaks the Language” for the trip to be a success.”
  • “Be prepared for what to do when a member of the group is temporarily misplaced.”
  • “Make sure your girls know how to use their ATM/credit card before you leave. It’s not fun to get someplace and have a card that doesn’t work."
  • “Keep your communication with all travelers consistent so they all get the same information. For example, every traveler should receive information in the same format at the same time: e-mail, yahoo group, phone call, etc.”
  • “Contact GSAGSO for the places you will visit and let them know you are coming. It’s a great way to bring a “piece of home” to the girls living overseas plus an opportunity for your girls to see things through their eyes. The office in Paris is always excited to know about visitors.”
  • “Share your story when you get home. You never know who you may encourage to travel."

Share YOUR Travel Story and Tips

Help inspire others about Girl Scout troops to travel by sharing your travel stories and tips with others!  When you share your travel adventures and/or tips with others, it helps troops learn from your experience as they decide where in the world they want to go. Thank you for taking a few moments to share your experience.