Travel Procedures

Approval Process for Trips, High-Adventure Activities,* Extended Travel

  1. Travel plans require approval from your service unit if the:
    1. Trip is farther than 60 miles from your regular meeting place and longer than 6 hours in duration but not high-adventure.
  2. Travel plans require BOTH the council and service unit approval if the:
    1. Event/trip includes a High-Adventure activity   (i.e. swimming, skiing, boating, etc.)
    2. Trip is three nights or more
    3. Trip involving air travel
    4. Trip is out of state or international

Submit the Trip or High-Adventure Approval Form to your Service Unit Team at least two months prior to your activity. They will forward it to the council for final approval.

*Please note: High-Risk activities are now called High-Adventure. The approval process and requirement to use an approved vendor still applies.  We believe High-Adventure better reflects the spirit of these fun activities.

The Trip or High-Adventure Approval Form can be used as a planning tool, but does not need to be turned in to the service unit for the following activities:

  • Service Unit activities that are not high-adventure
  • Council sponsored activities in the Program and Events Guide (PEG)
  • Activities where girls walk or ride their own bicycles as part of their regularly-scheduled meetings
  • Trips that are located within 60 miles from the regular meeting place, and are less than 6 hours in duration, and are not high-adventure

Required Documentation

Required Travel Trainings

Outings, Short Trips, and Overnights
This online course is required for at least one adult who will attend any outing, short trip or overnight that is less than 3 nights and who is involved in the planning process with the girls.

Extended Travel Training
This in-person training is required if your girls are currently planning a trip for three or more nights and/or international trips. You’ll gain from the experience of seasoned Girl Scout travelers, and receive valuable tips on planning “big” trips with your girls. This is a one-time training that where you learn the secrets of GS travel. To make the planning process easier, we recommend taking this training before your troop starts planning.

Troop Camping Certification
This course is required for at least one adult who will accompany the troop on a camping trip and who will be involved in the planning process with the girls, if your troop will either cook OR sleep outdoors (or in shelters without electricity or indoor plumbing.)

Click here to learn more about how to take an in-person or online course.

General Guidelines