Camp CEO

Camp CEO is a project of Girl Scouts of Northern California, the Thrive Foundation, and many other supporters that brings together a select group of girls and executive women to build the next generation of leaders together.

At Camp CEO 2013, 51 teenage girls and 22 female mentors participated in fun camp activities like the Adventure Tower, archery, swimming, arts and crafts, and special Thrive workshops designed to help girls make the best choices as they set out on their path to a successful future.

A mother's testimonial on Camp CEO's impact on her girl:

“Priscilla returned with a different outlook about the world. Now everything is possible! She was telling me how she met all of these successful women and how she was so inspired to become like them -- to Priscilla, not even the sky is the limit. Going to college has always been in her mind, but now is embedded in her DNA. Whatever happened at Camp CEO unleashed Priscilla's spirit -- it is out and has no boundaries. She can conquer the world!” - Anabelle