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Service Unit Meeting ToolkitShort and SnappyRecruitment Materials

Service Unit Meeting Toolkits

These are quick and easy resources for Service Unit Teams to add to their meetings. Used with Short and Snappys (below), they can be a good way to make your service unit meetings fun and informative and encourage leaders to attend.

Short and Snappy Activities

Short and Snappys are designed as short little activities (usually 10-15 minutes in length) to do at service unit meetings, troop meetings, or other gatherings.  They can be led by learning facilitators or any interested volunteer.

Building Confidence
Building the Perfect Team
Celebrate Diversity
Celebrating Leader's Day
Court of Awards
Field Trips
Find The Resource
Girl Led Troops
Girl Led Progression
Girl Scout Birthday Celebration Ideas
Girl Scout History and Traditions
Girl Scout Songs
Go Outside
Investiture and Rededication Ceremonies
Kaper Charts
Leaders Day
Leadership Journeys
Partnering With Parents
Rededication Ceremony Ideas
Safety Activity Checkpoints
Take Action Projects
Thinking Day 1
Thinking Day 2
Throw Your Troubles Away   (Problem solving activity)
Tis the Season to Simplify
Valuing Differences
Welcome to a New Girl Scout Year

Recruitment Materials:

Girl Recruitment MaterialsNew Volunteer Recruitment MaterialsParent/Caregiver MaterialsResources for Current Volunteers

Our recruitment campaign, I Can't Wait To, focuses on that "can-hardly-sleep-because-you're-waiting-for-the-next-day" feeling. This feeling of anticipation transcends languages and ages across all of our target audiences: girls K-5, their parents/caregivers, and potential volunteers. From the words to the visuals, this campaign is designed to show girls and adults that with us, they'll always have something to be excited about.

Girl Recruitment Materials

Activity Sheet: Brownie Fingerpuppets
Activity Sheet: Conversation Starter - English and Spanish
Activity Sheet: Daisy Animal Masks
Activity Sheet: Fortune Teller Game
Activity Sheet: Junior Character Cards Game
Blank "I Can't Wait To" Activity Template
Bracelets - Customizable
Interest Card - English and Spanish
Mini Brochure - English and Spanish
Postcard - Customizable, English and Spanish
Poster (Text) - Customizable, English and Spanish
Poster (Trefoil) - Customizable, English and Spanish
Stickers - Customizable, English
Stickers - Customizable, Spanish
Yard Sign - Customizable

Volunteer Recruitment Materials

Interest Card - English and Spanish
Mini Brochure - English
Mini Brochure - Spanish
Name Tag
Postcard - English and Spanish
PowerPoint Presentation

Parent/Caregiver Recruitment Materials

Name Tag
PowerPoint Presentation

Recruitment Resources for Current Volunteers

14 Minute Meeting Outline
Group Printing and Purchasing
Name Tag
PowerPoint Presentation