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Adult Recognition Awards are
Presented at Area Recognition Ceremonies.

Award ceremony information will be added here as events are planned. Check back often to find information on the next award ceremony in your area.


Without our devoted adult volunteers, the Girl Scout movement would not exist. Everyone likes to feel appreciated for her or his volunteer service. Whether in the form of a simple thank you for a job well done or a formal commendation for years of faithful service in a key position, when volunteers know their time and energy are appreciated and that they are valued by Girl Scouts, they commit themselves to the organization.  They also want to know that their service is helping the greater good – that together we made a difference in girls’ lives and, through our mission, made a difference in the world.

Who to Consider for Recognitions

Adult volunteers in any position in Girl Scouting regardless of role and length of service. People and organizations outside Girl Scouting who provide invaluable support to Girl Scouting

When and How to Recognize

Recognitions might be made on Girl Scout holidays, at service unit meetings, at troop meetings, at a special recognition event, immediately following services rendered, etc. When the recipient is recognized, it will make the expression of gratitude memorable. There are informal awards and formal awards for volunteers.

Formal Recognitions

Nominate an individual for a National or Council Level Award or a Service Unit Level Award.

Informal Recognitions

Informal recognitions are day-to-day ways to say “thank you” to volunteers; they are intangible benefits and heartfelt displays of recognition.  These sincere expressions of appreciation are based on specific contributions and are given in a timely manner.  Some ways to say thank you could include:

  •  A framed photograph of the Girl Scouts who participated in a particular project or event
  • A thank you statement published in a Girl Scout publication, website or Yahoo! group newsletter
  • Flowers presented at a meeting
  • Cards made by the girls
  • Electronic greeting cards
  • Virtual flowers
  • A special citation read at a meeting
  • Fun awards such as a breath mint (you take my breath away), note cards (for a noteworthy achievement), or batteries (you’ve added energy to our group)