Program Levels


You are a Girl Scout! You can join in the fun in many ways. Join a troop in your neighborhood, create one with your family and invite your friends, go to camp or events, travel the world or join a interest group with girls that share your passion.

Girl Scouts is divided by age levels so you can have fun and discover the world with other girls your age! Explore the age level that's right for you below and find out how much fun you will have being a Girl Scout.

Grades K-1. Daisies begin to explore what it means to be a Girl Scout through the Girl Scout Law. You will team up with other girls to challenge your green thumb, travel the country in a flower powered car, learn to take care of animals AND yourself, while discovering your local community.
Grades 2-3. Brownies begin earning traditional Girl Scout badges. Go on an adventure as you learn more about the environment and how water is so very important. You also learn about the power of stories, your own and others, to make the world a better place.
Grades 4-5. Juniors harness the power of energy to improve the community and the planet! Love acting? Try on different roles to start exploring who you are. You and your friends will start developing your Take Action skills and work on the first of Girl Scouting's highest awards. The Bronze! Oh, don't forget about joining other Juniors from all over the world at Golden Gate Bridging to celebrate your move to Cadettes!
Grades 6-8. Cadettes, are given the opportunity to earn the Leader In Action and Program Aide awards through leadership and mentoring younger girls! Discover new tools as you learn about true friendship, take an environmental investigation on the air you breathe, and explore the effect that media has on you and the community. Get ready to earn one of the highest awards in Girl Scouting, the Silver Award.
Grade 9-10. Seniors, increase their leadership in Girl Scouting and take advantage of world travel opportunities. Deepen your skills as you discover your vision, contemplate food networks and how they affect the planet and YOU, and understand the importance of “being a sister to every Girl Scout.” All that fun is the path to the highest award in Girl Scouting: the Gold Award.
Grades 11-12. Ambassadors, have honed their leadership skills and show the world what they can do by earning the highest award in Girl Scouting; the Gold Award. In addition, Ambassadors will amplify their voice as they combine everything they’ve learned through their Girl Scout career as they seek environmental justice, help others find the bliss in their story, and advocate for themselves and others!