LF Curriculum

These Documents are for Use by GSNorCal Learning Facilitators Only

Troop Camping Certification

Troop Camping Certification is a multi-hour course that requires a participant notebook and hands-on instruction.

TCC Course Outline
TCC Curriculum Packet
TCC participant notebook 
Safety Activity Checkpoint for Outdoor Cooking
Safety Activity Check[oint for Group Camping
Safety Activity Checkpoint for Hiking
Outdoor Resources


Backpacking is a multi-hour course that requires a participant notebook and hands-on instruction.

Backpacking participant notebook
Backpacking Curriculum Packet
Backpacking Overnight Outline
Backpacking Preplan Outline
Safety Activity Checkpoints for Backpacking

Event Manager

Event Manager requires in-person participation notebook and curriculum charts.

Event Manager Curriculum Charts
Event Manager Participant Notebook
Event Group Roster
Event Roster Individual
Event Budget Worksheet

Extended Troop Travel

Extended Troop Travel is a required in-person course for at least one adult in a troop/group who will be participating in the planning and traveling on the extended trip of three nights or more.

Extended Troop Travel Curriculum
Extended Troop Travel LF Notes
Extended Troop Travel Scenarios
Extended Troop Travel Participant Notebook PNB
Safety Activity Checkpoint for Troop Travel

Grade Level  In-Person Class Curriculum:

Below are the in-person training resources you may need for your classes. The chart sets are in PowerPoint and contain the normal slides and the note pages. The note pages are in PDF and are only the note pages for the training, no slides. The curriculum packet, also in PDF, contains examples of resources available on the public Girl Scouts NorCal website plus components to facilitate the class. The PNB is the participant notebook in PDF.

Daisy: Chart Set, Note Pages, Curriculum Packet, PNB
Brownie: Chart Set, Curriculum Packet, PNB
Junior: Chart Set, Note Pages, Curriculum Packet, PNB
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador: Teen Advisor Chart Set; Teen Advisor Notes, Girl Led PNB

3 Processes, 1 Powerful Program

Curriculum Guide
Amazing Pressure of Air
GSLE Puzzle
Me & My Girl World
Overcoming Resistance
Processes What/How

First Aid/CPR

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Other Important Resources For Learning Facilitators