Pathways to be a Girl Scout

Pathways make it easy to participate in Girl Scouts. The Troop Pathway is for girls who want to meet on a regular basis with a local group – this is the most common way to participate. The Series Pathway offers theme-focused  program sessions during a designated period of time, while the Event Pathway features one-time programs or events. The Travel Pathway inspires girls to visit new places, and the Camp Pathway lets girls explore the great outdoors. Girls can stay in one pathway or move between them. Whichever direction they choose, girls will discover who they are and what they stand for, connect with others, and take action on things that inspire them.

I Cant Wait to...
Be Outdoors!       
Travel the World!      
Make New Friends!
Dig Deeper into Science and Techonology!  
Sell Cookies and Learn to be an Entrepreneur!    
Express Myself with Arts and Crafts!  
Have Fun!