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Stories and Photos from GSNorCal Girls who Have Gone on destinations Recently!

Angela (16 years old from Santa Clara County)
destination: Great Panda Adventure, China Summer 2013
Hosted by ATS destinations

I had an amazing experience on the Great Panda Adventure trip in China!  The first four days of my trip were spent in the lush mountains of Ya’an, Sichuan, also known as the “rain city”.  I volunteered with twelve other girls at the Bifengzia Panda Reserve, which housed around sixty pandas.  It was my honor to be able to feed and care for four of them: Sheng Bin, Bai Yang, Wu Gang, and Dai Li.  My experiences were eye-opening, and I will forever cherish my moments with these gentle creatures.  In addition to working with pandas, I had the opportunity to visit the city of Chengdu and Beijing.  I never forgot the sights, food, or people I spent time with and when I arrived back in the United States, I was a changed person.  Not only had I gained a sense of independence, I also learned to have deeper appreciation for nature and Chinese culture.

Rebecca (17 years old from Alameda County)
destination: Adrenaline Rush, July 27, 2013- August 3, 2013
Hosted by Camp Pine Acres/Girl Scouts Greater Atlanta

 My destination was really super fun! It definitely lived up to the name "Adrenaline Rush" since we were constantly busy with exciting activities. The first full day we did some low ropes course obstacles and did a lot of get to know you games. Day two was our day on the lake! We got to learn how to sail a small sailboat and take it out into the middle of the lake. We also got to mess around in canoes, kayaks, and on paddle boards. The next day we all got to shoot air rifles! This was one of my favorite things we did because it was one of the things I had never tried before and the instructor was really good! We also went on a hike and then in the afternoon we did the high ropes course, which included a vertical wall climb and a zip line! The next day we went for our mountain biking expedition. This was interesting because it happened to be pouring down rain that day. I had a bike accident when I was a child so mountain biking was rather terrifying for me. Looking back though it makes me really proud to know that I didn’t quite but kept riding. In the end I remember conquering a fear and enjoying the beautiful forest as I rode. That afternoon we spent some time at a mall doing what girls do best... shopping! And then that night we got to go caving! This was probably my favorite part! We spent three hours crawling through the Raccoon Mountain Caverns where we got absolutely caked from head to toe in mud and then after a quick cleanup we laid out sleeping bags to sleep in the cave. This was such a unique experience and I will never forget it! The next morning we headed out for white water rafting on the Chattooga River! This was another amazing adrenaline rush experience! There were tons of rapids and we all got soaked of course! The last day we spent at Six Flags in Atlanta riding on roller coasters and other fun rides. My buddy and I hit the shops too and had fun shopping. The next morning we had to say our goodbyes as we all went our separate ways. Overall this trip was incredibly fun and a great experience! I made friends and learned new Girl Scout songs from all around the county and of course I will always recommend that girls try these trips! They will have fun, make friends, conquer fears, and especially get an Adrenaline Rush! :-)