Application Process - Deer Lake & Skylark Ranch

Leadership programs are by application only. To apply, submit your camp registration form and additional online leadership application form and reference form. An interview may be required for all programs. Only one of the CIT or WIT programs may be taken per summer.

Online Leadership Program Application

Online Leadership Program Reference Form

Counselor in Training

Mentor younger girls in a camp setting as you build skills toward becoming a camp counselor, adventure counselor, or wrangler. All Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) programs are by application only. Registration and applications must be submitted for leadership programs at the same time.

Council-run resident camps (Deer Lake and Skylark Ranch) and volunteer-run resident camps (Kamp Konocti)* offer programs for older girls, 9th grade and up, to have the opportunity to gain counselor and/or activity leader skills through training and hands-on experience in a day or resident camp setting. Many camps offer leadership programs that range from beginning Program Aide to Counselor-In-Training, Wrangler-In-Training, and even Adventure Counselor-In-Training. Some programs are application only and require previous Girl Scout leadership training. *Contact Kamp Konocti directly for application and registration process.

Benefits of this Leadership Program and Award

These skills provide a valuable foundation for future academic and work-related choices and are especially useful to young women interested in giving back to the organization and becoming camp counselors for Girl Scouts of Northern California summer camps. The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) and Wrangler-in-Training (WIT) program is a fun and challenging multi-part leadership course (CIT 1, Advanced CIT/WIT, Apprentice CIT/WIT) for young women interested in leading girls in the outdoors. Each participant must be prepared to work as a responsible member of her team, live in a rustic environment for an extended period of time, and put the needs of younger campers first. Wrangler-in-Training campers must have advanced riding skills and experience in resident camp horseback riding programs.

Counselor In Training (CIT 1) - entering 10th grade

In this first level of CIT training, establish the leadership and outdoor skills needed to be a camp counselor. Work with others to analyze what makes a good leader, and participate in fun and challenging group games. Challenge yourself physically and mentally, then identify which traits you possess that can make you a positive leader. Participants have opportunities to lead activities with younger campers and shadow staff members as well as participate in a high ropes challenge course. This program requires an application and references and interview before acceptance into the program.

Advanced Counselor In Training (Adv CIT) or Wrangler In Training (Adv WIT) - entering 11th grade

For the second level of CIT training, focus on skills needed to work with children at camp. Learn behaviors to expect from campers and how to manage them, work as a team with staff, and visit another camp’s CIT program. In addition to building your skills in working with other campers, you will learn more about the operations on camp. Spend time observing and assisting in health and wellness, food service, program areas, maintenance and admin operations. Advanced WIT campers will focus their skills in working with campers in the horseback riding programs. Prerequisite: Successful completion of CIT 1 or its equivalent. This program requires an application and references before acceptance into the program.

Apprentice Counselor In Training (App CIT) or Wrangler In Training (App WIT) - entering 12th grade

This program marks the culmination of the CIT program. Complete your apprenticeship focusing on both unit and program areas, then work on planning and implementing all camp activities. Apprentice WIT campers will focus on assisting in the arenas and teaching lessons supported by other riding instructors. For campers attending Deer Lake, your Apprentice CIT emphasis can be an Adventure App CIT. If you are interested in focusing on waterfront and/or ropes and climbing programs, this is the track for you! Prerequisite: Successful completion of CIT 1 & 2 or equivalent.​ This program requires an application and references before acceptance into the program.

For questions about our Counselor In Training, Adventure Counselor In Training, or Wrangler In Training programs, contact or call 1-800-447-4475 ext 2091.