Event First Aiders Must Be Registered and Screened
Required Courses For Event First Aiders

There are two course requirements for you to complete before serving as an event first aider. If you are not currently certified in first aid/CPR, find a course and get certified and then complete the online Girl Scout First Aider course.

All Girl Scout First Aiders should have a copy of the GSNorCal Health and Safety Plan in their first aid kit whenever you are serving as a first aider.

Event First Aider

Thank You for Volunteering to be a Girl Scouts of Northern California Event First Aider!



What Does An Event First Aider Do?

Works with the event manager to develop and manage a safety plan for the event. Responsible for administering first aid at the event including maintaining the first aid station and first aid kit.

Who Can Be An Event First Aider?

Any adult 18 or older, female or male,  who has taken Girl Scout-approved first aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for adult and child CPR or Wilderness First Aid Certification (see below for more information) and who has taken the GSNorCal online Girl Scout First Aider course. The following healthcare providers may also serve as first-aiders: physician, physician's assistant, nurse practioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, paramedic, military medic, and emergency medical technician.

How Do I Become An Event First Aider?

  • Complete Volunteer Screening
  • Become a Registered Member
  • Take a First Aid/CPR course (if you are not currently certified) or Wilderness First Aid course (if needed)
  • Take the online Girl Scout First Aider course to learn about GSNorCal specific procedures and protocols.
  • If you would like to find out how to volunteer for this role, please call 1-800-447-4475 ext. 3091 or complete the online interest form.

When is an Event First Aider Needed?

First aiders are needed at all service unit and council events. For large events with over 200 participants, one first aider is required for every 200 participants.  For traveling stations where there is a considerable distance between stations, event organizers should consider having first aiders with each group. Always refer to the Safety Activity Checkpoints for specific activities that will be taking place at the event for specific first aider requirements and safety guidelines.

What CPR/First Aid Courses are Approved by GSNorCal?

For many activities, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one adult volunteer be first aid/CPR certified. Volunteers can take advantage of IN-PERSON first aid/CPR training offered by chapters of the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America, or American Heart Association. Contact volunteerlearning@girlscoutsnorcal.org before getting certified with other organizations.

What Certification Does GSNorCal Offer?

We offer several First Aid/CPR courses throughout our council. Check for course availability on the training calendar or advertised on the council's Monday Mailing e-newsletter. We offer American Red Cross certification which consists of two modules; 2 hours of adult and child CPR and 3 hours of general emergency first aid skills. Certification is valid for 2 years. The non-refundable fee of $50 for this course covers materials, certification fee, and supplies. The fee is required when you register. Some offerings split this training between 2 sessions; you must attend both sessions to be certified. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared (bring a towel or mat) to spend some time sitting or laying on the floor. For a full day course, it is suggested that you bring a beverage and a lunch or snack.

First Aider or Wilderness First Aider?

The levels of first aid required for any activity take into account both how much danger is involved and how remote the area is from emergency medical services.

  • If access to emergency medical services (EMS) is LESS than 30 minutes away then you need First Aid/CPR certification
  • If access to emergency medical services (EMS) is MORE than 30 minutes away then you need Wilderness First Aid Certification

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aid courses are advanced courses that include training on remote-assessment skills, as well as the emergency first-aid response, including evacuation techniques, to use when EMS is not readily available. If any part of the activity is located 30 minutes or more from emergency medical services, ensure the presence of a first-aider with Wilderness First Aid certification is required.

First Aid Kits

Make sure that a standard first aid kit is available at every troop meeting and accompanies you on every activity or outing. When traveling, a first aid kit must be in every vehicle. Refer to the GSNorCal Health and Safety Plan for Activities and Events for a list of recommended first aid supplies and first aid protocols.

Emergency Management Plan

All Girl Scout first aiders should be familiar with the council emergency management plan and have the council emergency cards on hand. You should also refer to the Council Resource Guide - chapter 4 and have a copy of the GSNorCal Health & Safety Plan on hand at all activities and events where you are serving as a first aider.

Resources for First Aiders: