Registration & Screening Requirements

Regional delegates must be registered members.

Training and Resources

Your handbook has basic information about your role as a regional delegate and the governance process. Orientation webinars/conference calls are held in February each year after the election.

Delegates and Other Governance Volunteers

Thank You So Much for Volunteering to be a Girl Scouts of Northern California Delegate.



What Does A Council Delegate or Governance Volunteer Do?

Regional delegates are part of the governance process for our council.  Together with the members of the board and members of the Council’s Board Development Committee, and the delegates to the National Council (national delegates), regional delegates are the “voting members” of our council.  Voting members attend the Annual Meeting for Girl Scouts of Northern California where they elect the board of directors, Board Development Committee, and the national delegates and alternates to the National Council of GSUSA, and they vote on any amendments to our bylaws (the rules that govern our council).

Regional delegates provide input to the council’s board of directors on strategic priorities.  The board is developing our next three year strategic plan (2015-2017) and has asked regional delegates to lead discussions in their fegions during February 2014-April 2014, so that they are prepared to provide informed input about the 2015-2017 strategic plan at the council’s April 26, 2014 Annual Meeting.  Click here for an overview and discussion guide.  All members are welcome to review this guide and discuss questions or concerns with their Regional Delegate, or send input to   

Regional Delegate Position Descriptions

Who Can Be A Delegate?

Any registered girl member aged 14 or older, and any registered adult 18 or older, female or male, who is elected by her/his region. 

How Do I Become A Delegate?

If you haven't already done so, become a registered member.  Nominate yourself in October, and elections are held in January.  Check back here in October to complete your nomination.  

Resources For Regional Delegates