High-Risk activities are now
called high-adventure!

We believe High-Adventure better reflects the spirit of these fun activities.  The approved vendor requirements and approval process has not changed.

Approved Vendors

High-Adventure Approved Vendor List

(formerly called High-Risk)

High-Adventure Approved Vendors List – The approved vendor list is comprised of high-adventure vendors, popular campgrounds, and charter bus companies that have met the safety/insurance guidelines for GSNorCal and GSUSA. The High-Adventure Approved Vendor list is updated on a monthly basis.

High-Adventure Requirements

Girl Scouts are required to use approved vendors when selecting a high-adventure facility/vendor. Girl Scouts insurance will act as a secondary policy in case of an injury by selecting a provider from the approved list.

Approval Process

All High-Adventure activities/events need to be approved in advance by the council Risk Management and Travel Team (including service unit events). Submit your Trip or High-Adventure Form to your local service unit who will submit it to the council for approval on your behalf.

Adding High-Adventure Vendors to the Approved List

If the vendor your troop wants to use is not on the list, BEFORE scheduling your activity, tell the vendor that because your activity is considered high-adventure by GSUSA safety guidelines there are a few steps to complete in order for any Girl Scout troop to use the facility.

The company needs to provide GSNorCal with a copy of their Certificate of Insurance (COI) that:

  • Indicates at least $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance
  • Lists Girl Scouts of Northern California as a Certificate Holder
  • Lists Girl Scouts of Northern California as Additionally Insured.

The company must also review the Safety Activity Checkpoints related to the activities they offer.

Certificates of Insurance must be sent to:

Girl Scouts of Northern California
Attn: Risk Management and Travel
1650 Harbor Bay Parkway Suite 100, Alameda, CA
Fax: (510) 633-7925

When requested, GSNorCal will provide a COI listing the vendor as additionally insured on our Certificate Holder list.

IMPORTANT: If a facility/vendor refuses to follow the safety and insurance guidelines listed above, then the council will not be able to endorse this facility/vendor on our approved vendor list OR approve trips for troops to use this facility/vendor.

Rented or Chartered Vehicles

Rental Vehicles

When rental vehicles of any kind are to be used by Girl Scouts, permission must be obtained in advance from risk management and travel in the Alameda Office.

An Authorization to Rent Vehicles Form must be completed and sent to the Alameda Office with your Trip or High-Adventure Approval Form at least two months before your trip or event.

Please note: Girl Scouts offers additional car rental insurance that can be purchased for $15 per day/per car. This policy often covers more than most car rental companies’ optional additional insurance policy.

Commercial Buses

Approved Commercial Bus companies are listed on the High-Adventure Approved Vendor List. Groups wishing to lease commercial buses must also have permission from the GSNorCal Risk Management and Travel Team.

Bus companies must:

  • Be approved by the GSNorCal Risk Management and Travel Team
  • Must carry a minimum of  $1 million in liability insurance
  • Must  provide a copy of their last CHP safety inspection
  • Drivers must be approved by the state to carry children
  • Show that their drivers are part of the statewide program that monitors driving record

Travel Questions

For more information on any of these topics or regarding traveling with GSNorCal, please contact risk management and travel at Travel@GirlScoutsNorCal.org.